The River Voices Festival 2014

nepean river

Year 10 students from Caroline Chisholm College and St Dominic’s College are presenting the 2014 River Voices Festival. This year, the students will be cooperating together to create the faces and voices of the Nepean River. Their artwork will exhibited as a site specific installation on Saturday, 8th March, 2014 from 9am -12pm.

The 50 Visual Arts students from both Caroline Chisholm College and St Dominic’s College have worked collaboratively on one of the first joint projects across the two schools. After a joint excursion to see site specific works in the city, visits to the river and studying the urban design plans in Campement Urbain’s The Future of Penrith/ Penrith of the Future project. the students developed ideas for their own site specific works. They decided on an installation of flags that will create a path to the river’s edge in Tench Reserve.

nepean belle

Each student has created two lino block designs representing the student’s own interpretation of the Nepean River’s voice and expression. They have focused on aspects of nature, local identities and sites. Both classes have now printed over 300 flags.

The students have enjoyed being able to take part in the experience. “I enjoyed being able to express my artwork in a public exhibition. It was great being able to be a part of this experience” - Emma O’Brien, Caroline Chisholm College.

“The project was fun to be part of and it was great to see the whole project come together. We hope that members of the public come and enjoy our exhibition” - Madulika Malwenna and Brody Deigan, Caroline Chisholm College.

All students, friends and families of the College are warmly invited to join us at Tench Reserve this Saturday.

Written by Emma O’Brien and Brooke Vincent - Year 10 Students

PLEASE NOTE:  Check the school Facebook, Twitter and website on Saturday morning if weather is questionable.