Year 12 students hit the air waves

Year 12 students preparing for the show
Year 12 students preparing for the show

Students at Caroline Chisholm College, Glenmore Park launched their radio show, Chit Chat recently, broadcasting their own program content live from the school’s studio.

The Chit Chat features news, entertainment and music with comical segments and local interviews designed to build a sense of community spirit at the College.

College Principal Mary Leask, said the live show runs for 20 minutes is presented by the students and the podcast is shared to students online.
‘The studio is very modest using basic software and technology but it provides a powerful learning experience for the students in media and communications,’ said Mary.

‘Students generate the content, select the playlist for the station, present the segments and write material for a target audience,’ she said. ‘We have also been very fortunate to have the generous support and industry expertise of one of our parents, Darren McErlain.’

Year 12 student Lauren Bozic said program highlights such as the secret sound competition to identify teacher’s footsteps and a tongue-in-cheek corridor traffic report makes great radio.

‘Our ideas are often concerned with local-based content for our College, with an entertaining spin,’ said Lauren.

‘This project has taught us the art of speaking clearly, creative writing for radio and the social responsibility in journalism of checking facts,’ she said.

The radio show is available as a podcast online.