Principal Report Issue 13 2016

Prayer for Leaders

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students of Caroline Chisholm College,


We are very happy to announce our Student Leadership Team for 2016 - 2017.  Congratulations to our new College Captain, Hannah Azzopardi and our Vice-Captains Emma Dimech and Danielle Todd.  This newsletter also contains the details of all our student representatives from Year 7 to Year 11. Each student has committed herself to Christian leadership through service and to living out our student leadership mission: to follow in the footsteps of Caroline Chisholm, to empower young women and to reach those at the edges of our community.


It seems appropriate, then, that this section of the newsletter be handed over to our newest leaders.  Here is an extract of an article our three captains wrote for the Catholic Education Commission about why they value being educated in a Catholic school.

When we watch the news, or read the stories that scroll through our Facebook news feed, we might reflect on how our world can sometimes seem like a scary and challenging place, where evil is real and suffering is a way of life for many. And yet, each day at our Catholic school, our teachers and our community remind us that we have good reason to be filled with hope. The great joy of being a student in a Catholic school comes from knowing that we are contributing to God’s vision for a kingdom of peace, justice and love. That happens every day in the classrooms and playgrounds of Caroline Chisholm College.


As students of Caroline Chisholm College, we strongly appreciate and value the opportunity of attending a Catholic school that allows us to grow in our faith and connect with Christ on a daily basis. We are regularly challenged as Catholics to fulfil our school motto of ‘faith, courage and tolerance’ which encapsulates the key values selflessly demonstrated by our college patron Caroline Chisholm. As a Catholic college community, we are reminded to collectively strive for these key values, and those of compassion, justice, dignity and service.  We apply these through our relationships with each other and in the ways we respond as a community of hope, to a range of social justice issues within our society. Going to a Catholic school enables us to be guided and inspired by Jesus as our role model and Caroline Chisholm who inspires us as a community to become people of Christ.


A Catholic education enhances deep relationships and creates a positive, happy and welcoming environment for all who attend our school, by fostering a strong set of values and ethics in students. A Catholic school deepens students’ faith and helps them strengthen their relationship with not only other students, but with God through prayer. Participating in liturgies and attending church through the school’s connection with the local parish builds long lasting relationships within the school but also extends into the wider community. Being at a Catholic school allows us to incorporate our faith into regular conversations and share our values we have as a college. Coming together at Mass and being able to express your faith as a community, enables everyone to join in the spirit and presence of God. Having different people expressing their own Catholic faith, views and beliefs, helps us know more about the individual and develops a closer connection between the Caroline Chisholm and local Catholic community.


Attending Caroline Chisholm College adds a unique dimension to our learning experiences as students. Not only are we empowered academically, we are also provided with a vital opportunity to grow in our spirituality as young Catholics. We are enabled to be a part of a supportive college community that upholds the importance of following in the footsteps of significant role models and to be able to incorporate our faith and apply it in our own lives. A Catholic school helps enhance deep relationships and our school community empowers students to aspire and grow into better individuals who follow in the footsteps of Christ.  We also strive to live out our motto of ‘faith, courage and tolerance’, and we follow in the example of Caroline Chisholm, to help those on the fringes of society. The shared aspirations and values of our community enable us as students to become strong, optimistic young women, who are empowered to make a difference in our community.

Hannah Azzopardi, Danielle Todd and Emma Dimech

Thank you to
Mr MacNamara and Mrs Zammit who helped with the leadership training day on Friday 19 August. Please pray for all our new leaders as they begin their service of this great college at our Leaders' Commissioning Mass on Tuesday 30 August.

Finally,  good luck to the following groups representing our college in the coming days:

- Mrs Wakeling and the Tournament of the Minds Team, competing on Sunday

- Mr Fuller and the Westernauts Robotics Team, competing on Friday and Saturday

- Mr Clerke and the Agriculture Team, competing at the Penrith Show on the weekend.


Mr Greg Elliott