Principal Blog Issue 16 2017

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students of Caroline Chisholm College,


I am very proud of our Year 12 students who, this week, began their final Higher School Certificate examinations. Not only am I proud of their hard work, their fine results to date and the mature way in which they have prepared for these exams has been impressive. I am proud that, through all of the challenges and struggles, they have maintained a strong sense of community, characterised by mutual support and care. These students understand that their friends' success is a key factor in their own success. I suppose it is an expression of the Sisterhood that our student leaders often talk about - that sense that girls, together, can achieve more than when they act in a self-interested and individual way. As I reminded the students on Monday morning, they are still an important part of our community, and if there is anything Caroline Chisholm College can do to support or assist them, we all stand ready to help.


Our Year 11 students are on retreat this week at Grosevale. The three day program is a very special and important time devoted to their development as young Christian women, and as a community of learners preparing for the challenges that their Year 12 colleagues are currently going through. I am very grateful to Ms Bernadette Murray, Mr Ian Fuller and the fourteen teachers who have prepared this retreat program for the girls, and have given up time away from family and commitments to be with the students and facilitate this, sometimes profound, experience. I pray that God will bless the Year 11 students with his grace at this turning point in their lives.


I am delighted to announce the appointment of a second Assistant Principal to the College from 2018. Mrs Deborah Scollard will join Mr King in the role of Assistant Principal.
Mr Stephen Casni has taken up a position as Deputy Principal at Dominic College in Hobart, Tasmania. The vacancy that will be left by Mr Casni at the end of the year has allowed us to re-imagine how best to provide leadership for learning at the college. I have discerned that having two leaders in the Assistant Principal role will allow the opportunity for effective professional learning of staff and a clear focus on student learning and growth from Year 7 to Year 12. Mrs Scollard, currently at Trinity College Auburn, is an extremely experienced educator with Masters Degrees in both Religious Education and Theology and she is completing a Masters Degree in Gifted Education. I trust that our community will welcome Mrs Scollard with openness and warmth; hallmarks of Caroline Chisholm College. We will have the opportunity to thank Mr Casni for his excellent leadership later in the year.

Over the recent school holidays work commenced on the upgrade of our farm and agriculture facilities. The site will be unavailable for learning activities this term as construction proceeds, and our animals have been temporarily relocated to nearby properties. Improvements include earthworks to provide six paddocks with new fencing, irrigation to the entire site, large rain water tanks (if it ever rains!), twenty-four garden beds for horticulture and a large, modern shed to be used as a learning centre for up to 70 students at once. We will also eventually have an outdoor learning area and chapel. For decades, students at Caroline Chisholm have excelled in Agriculture and Primary Industries under the guidance of Mr Clerke. Soon, we will have contemporary facilities to support learning in this important part of the curriculum.


We received the wonderful news that Mrs Terezel Araya has given birth to a baby boy called Thornett. This is the first child for Mrs Araya and her husband, and we rejoice with them as they welcome Thornett into their family. We also received the sad news that Ms Jacqui Morley's mother died last week in South Africa. Ms Morley has travelled back home to be with her family at this time. Her classes are being covered by Mrs Weaire. Please pray for the repose of the soul of Mrs Morley and for Jacqui and her family. I have assured her of our care and support.


I leave you with a prayer that could be prayed in your family over the coming three weeks as our Year 12 students present themselves for their examinations.


Loving God

be with our students now,

as they prepare for their exams.

Thank you for the many talents and gifts you have

given them and for the blessing of a Chisholm education.

Calm their nerves and anxiety, help them

to remember all that they have studied,

to express it clearly and to answer the questions

the very best that they can.

Holy Spirit, sit with them in their exam

- and be with them always.

In Jesus' name



Mr Greg Elliott