Caroline Chisholm College set for modern makeover


Change is underway for Caroline Chisholm College as it embarks on a vast and exciting $15 million building program, set to replace 35 per cent of the current facilities.

The Glenmore Park school, which delivers quality Catholic education to girls from years 7-12, is looking toward the future as they adopt a modern learning approach.

The new learning model will promote vibrant, collaborative teaching spaces that encourage team problem solving where students can take charge of their learning.

Upgrades are on track to be fully delivered by mid next year.

“We are moving away from traditional classrooms with a teacher and a whiteboard at the front, our new rooms won’t have a ‘front’ but will be a space that promotes collaborative group work,” Principal Greg Elliott said.

“We know that the world of work has changed dramatically, but schools are slower in modernising, we acknowledge  that graduates need to take responsibility for their own learning – skills which are transferable to the workplace such as communication, problem solving and collaborative skills that you can’t learn just by having a teacher talk at you all day.”

The upgrade includes a 450-seat performance theatre, a recording studio, art gallery, dance and drama studios as well as music and ensemble rooms.

Last year the College jumped 114 places in the state rankings for HSC results.