DWF - faith @ work


Within the recent newsletter you will find a letter about the Diocesan Works Fund and their  faith@work appeal. Usually this is an appeal made through our parishes during the course  of the year, but as is explained the need becomes greater and greater each year to support  the works of the fund. I commend the letter to you. On Monday 26 May your daughter will  bring home an appeal envelope for your consideration. All envelopes will need to be  returned to school by Friday 30 May. Many thanks for your generosity.

Bishop Anthony Fisher has written his letter on the back of the Giving Envelope to you and other members of the Catholic community across Western Sydney to ask for everyone’s support. Please give through the school envelope if you have not done so at the parish appeal.  The faith@work appeal gives us the opportunity to act together as one Church family to support ministries and services that no individual parish or school can offer. Of particular interest is Blacktown Neighbour Aid service, which assists the frail, aged, people with a disability and their carers in our community; and the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) which trains religious education teachers who give witness to their faith in public schools in Western Sydney.

Your contribution enables services such as Blacktown Neighbour Aid, CCD and Catherine Villa (supporting homeless women aged 16-25) to reach out to more people in need.  Over the coming weeks, as we will learn more about the important contribution we make as a Church, I encourage you to consider your support.

Did you know?

Did you know that CatholicCare responds to more than 20,000 calls for help each year? Many request relationship or gambling counselling or are dealing with a disability, mental ill health or ageing.

Did you know that DWF supports the 14 seminarians in training and more that 1000 Catechists working in state schools in Western Sydney?

Did you know that DWF supports Youth ministry and Faith Education in Western Sydney too!

Your donations either through school or your parish will be put to good work!