The launch of a new journey

After months and months of preparation by Caroline Chisholm College staff, the beginning of a new era for the college dawned as the 1-1 iPads program was implemented.  Students set up their iPads before school by coming in with their parents to the school just before the Christmas holidays or in the week before school returned to get ready to access the school network and begin downloading the required apps.  Students in Years 8 and 9 also began downloading their eTextbooks during the holidays in preparation for their first day back and our iPad Bootcamp was launch.

Click on the image to watch the Ten Eyewitness News report done on going back to school, which includes a section from Caroline Chisholm College.

girls in TV interview 1

 The iPad Bootcamp for students was designed to be an introduction to the iPad in relation to what skills students need to know so that they can complete all class tasks on a daily basis.  The bootcamp was led by homeroom teachers and other staff who supported students by providing them with 'how-to' guides in PDF and video format and an iBook with a variety of other supporting resources.  The resources proved very valuable and helpful and the evaluations from the day demonstrated that students' confidence had grown and so had their excitement.

Since the iPad bootcamp, students have been developing a number of new skills as they complete digital worksheets, create colourful collages and demonstrate new knowledge in a variety of ways.  It is exciting to watch students take a more active role in their learning and to be more proactive in their organisation, by making the most of the apps on their iPads.