Tutankhamun's Tomb at CCC


On Wednesday 26 February, the Year 11 Ancient History class moved out of the classroom and onto the COLA for a practical activity. We were given the task of drawing the tomb of the boy king of 18th dynasty Egypt, Tutankhamun. We were split into teams of 2-4 people and given a sheet of dimensions and a sheet detailing what was in each group’s room. After clearing a big enough space for the huge task, we all got to work.

Each group measured out the walls of their area and worked together to get all the rooms lined up as perfectly as you can with chalk and metre rulers. Once the walls were drawn up, we were faced with trying to draw the outlines of as many of, or all, the objects in the room we were given. We stared at our sheets and ummed and ahhed over where everything was supposed to go before getting started and doing our best to mark everything out. We worked vigorously throughout our double period and successfully drew, as accurately as we could, the tomb of Tutankhamun.

The mission didn’t end there though and we then had to give a tour of our respective areas, explaining what the purpose of the room was, what the items were that were drawn in and what they were for. The whole class did an amazing job and put their all into this task and we’ve all come away with some in-depth knowledge about the tomb and what was in it, as well as some further knowledge about the burial process and the ancient Egyptians.

Written by - Victoria Fryer and Simran Kang