2013 HSC Outstanding Results

Our College Dux  Gabrielle Griffiths  achieved an ATAR of 98. Gabrielle also won a Premier’s All Rounder Award indicating that she achieved a Band 6 in at least 10 units of her study programme.

Collectively the class of 2013 did very well :

  • 100% of our students achieved a Band 4,5 or 6 in the following range of subjects  Drama, Advanced English, Extension 1 English, Extension 2 English, Legal Studies (14  Band 6), Extension History, Music 1, Senior Science, Society and Culture (only bands 5 & 6).SOR2, Visual Arts (17 Band 6) and Hospitality
  • More than 90% achieved a band 4,5 or 6 in Community and Family Studies, Modern History, SOR1
  • More than 80% achieved a band 4,5 or 6 in Business Studies and Mathematics.

 Special congratulations to all the students who achieved ATARs over 90:

Danica Bird ,Natasha Chandra, Madeleine Clark, Rachel Curmi, Gabrielle Griffiths, Fiona Hadley, Angela Henen, Samriddhi Joshi, Jasjot Kaur, Nicole Manley,Leonie Nadarajah , Alysha Sequeira ,Alyssa Strong ,Sarah Thornton, Natalia Valle, Anastasia Wang and Ashleigh Williams.

The following students are to be congratulated for receiving a Band 6 in at least one subject :

Dinusha Ahangama Vithanage, Lorrina Al-Khouri, Danica Bird, Gemma Buchanan, Madelaine Caruana, Natasha Chandra, Madeleine Clark, Stephanie Cortis, Rachel Curmi, Emma Felsch, Sharlene Fenech, Terri-Lee Ferreira Ciara Fletcher, Erinn Gallagher, Jessica Green, Gabrielle Griffiths, Angela Henen, Erin Johnston, Samriddhi Joshi, Jasjot Kaur, Katelyn Main, Nicole Manley, Elise Mifsud, Leonie Nadarajah, Riley Noble, Emily Pennings Marisa Piccirilli, Courtney Roberson, Alysha Sequeira, Madeline Smith, Alyssa Strong, Stephanie Swat, Carly Tebbutt, Natalia Valle, Renee Vingerhoed, Anastasia Wang and Ashleigh Williams.

We were again honoured to have 5 students’ Art works selected for ARTEXPRESS: Anastasia Wang, Marisa Piccirilli, Rachel Curmi, Erin Gallagher, and Danica Bird and another 7 students whose work was nominated in the selection pool: Brooklyn Morgan, Riley Noble, Jasjot Kaur, Rachel O’Connor, Lorinna Al-Khouri and Stephanie Cortis.

We also had 3 students HSC performances for Dance nominated for CALLBACK : Sarah Large, Stephanie McDonald and Chelsea Tinapay.

2013: Another successful year for the young women at Caroline Chisholm