The iPad journey so far

In the two weeks since students have been at school with their iPads in hand, there has been much growth and excitement had by all.  Students in Years 7-9 are engaging in learning in ways that they may be familiar with, from their many interactions with mobile devices and digital media outside of the classroom, but which is also very new to both themselves and their teachers.  Organisation is made easier with the iPad and students are finding themselves more motivated and keen to keep on top of all of their classwork, homework and assessment tasks.

Walking around the school and observing the work happening in classrooms is very exciting, as students create digital books to  keep their work in, developing their very own digital portfolios.  Science experiments are being captured on camera, maths problems are being solved and drawn on screens, songs are being learned on a virtual keyboard and so much more.  Have a look at some work samples below:

The confidence with which students are approaching each and every task on their iPad is great and their creativity and ownership over their learning is increasing with each and every task.  We look forward to continuing to share this journey with the wider college community as students and teachers alike continue on this learning journey.