Year 8 Japanese Day

Quotes from the day

I really enjoyed Japanese language day. All the activities we participated in during the day were all very fun and exciting. I especially enjoyed making the sushi and the calligraphy. The part that I enjoyed the most was listening to the traditional Japanese music played on the drums. It was very interesting to see how different the music was and how they played the drums. The music was very entertaining and different. Japanese language day was a wonderful experience and I really enjoyed it!
Angel Jojo

The Year 8 language day was so much fun and I definitely enjoyed it! The morning started off with trivia based on Japanese things, such as brands, characters and food. That was so much fun and my group became extremely competitive because of it. Afterwards, my class went to the kitchens to make sushi, which was an interesting experience. After Recess, we did calligraphy, and that was one of my favourite activities. The characters I did were
{Tsuki, moon} and  {Suki, like} and are some of my favourite kanji characters. The last activity we did as a class was painting koi fish, which again, was fun. 

After lunch we found ourselves sitting in front of a group called Taikoz, and they gave us performances using the Japanese drum, taiko. It was loud, definitely! But it was enjoyable and even more fun to actually have a turn on them! Some pieces they played were used in actual Japanese festivals, like the piece used for the special Kart Festival. 

Overall, it was so much fun and I really enjoyed it! Especially, the celebrating moments of victory when my group won the trivia, not to boast or anything. It was a great experience and I'm sure we all enjoyed ourselves in some way.
Kaylee Moorfield

On Tuesday the 22nd of July, Year 8 had Japanese Language Day. On this day I got to experience the calligraphy, food and traditional music played in Japan. My homeroom (Macarthur) and Kenny were the first group to try out the Japanese characters. We had to practice on special paper (or what I like to call magic paper because after you've put the wet paint brush on, when it dries up the paper becomes a blank sheet, ready for the next person to use). Once we had practiced, we had to write the character on another special Japanese paper with ink. The character I drew represented 'Energy' which I thought was nice. Next I got the chance to make Sushi in the food tech room, then I went down to the art rooms and painted a traditional Koi fish. Lastly Year 8 got to listen and play traditional drums and music that is played in Japan which was very cool and loud.

I had a lot of fun on this day and got to learn new things about Japan that I didn't know before.
Ashleigh Ballantyne