Year 8 Reflection Day

Year 8 Reflection Day


On Friday 29th July 2016, Year 8 students gathered at Winbourne, Mulgoa for our annual Reflection Day. Both the venue and weather were perfect for this event.

The theme for the day was based on the message from St Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians, ‘Love is Patient and Kind’. Throughout the day students participated in a number of activities that encouraged them to consider the gifts that God had gifted them and to reflect on how these could be used in our College community to show love and kindness.


The highlights of the day included a spiritual Liturgy where the students were invited to place a stone in a bowl of water, symbolising the washing away of any hurts that they carried. There was an inspirational presentation on the life of Audrey Hepburn that focused on her insights about womanhood and the qualities/strengths she possessed. We enjoyed the fun-filled shared lunch that encouraged stronger bonds between friends and the competitive staff versus student soccer match. We had an opportunity to be still at the end of the day to pause and reflect.


Mr Damien Mills - Leader of Learning Year 8