Our Results

Caroline Chisholm College Celebrates the Learning Achievements of the HSC Class of 2015

Caroline Chisholm College at Glenmore Park strives to deliver quality learning opportunities in a Catholic educational context for girls from Year 7 -12 and congratulates the HSC class of 2015 on their outstanding achievements.

Our 2015 results revealed the conscientiousness and determination of our students and the commitment and professionalism of our experienced staff to improve student learning. These results continue the tradition of Caroline Chisholm’s brilliant reputation for academic excellence with the college performing well above state average over the past five years.

Our college Dux Nicole Chandra achieved an ATAR of 96.95 having achieved in the Top 10% in the state in Studies of Religion 2, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics 2 Unit and Legal Studies.

Special congratulations to all the students who achieved ATARs over 90:
Nicole Chandra, Jessica Cortis, Sydney Harris, Maddison Horne, Jennifer McDonald, Shae McLaughlin, Samantha Santiago, Chloe Sheridan, Emily Smith, Emma Steltenpool, Alana Thomas and Ria Varghese. 

Other significant achievements to celebrate include:
Jasmine Neal – who was ranked 3rd in the state for Mathematics General 2, Sarah Richter – who was ranked 4th in the state for Primary Industries and Jessica Cortis – who achieved a High Distinction for her Society and Culture Personal Interest Project.

The following students are congratulated for receiving a Band 6 in at least one subject:
Samantha Arnold, Aimee Beriotto, Kathleen Cairney, Nicole Chandra, Jessica Cortis, Madeline Cortis, Anne-Marie Cremona, Erica D’Mello, Lauren Dahl, Bianca Dibou, Rachel Freeburn, Anya Govender, Eliza Harris, Sydney Harris, Victoria Henry, Maddison Horne, Tayla Hui, Ebony Humphrey, Rohini Kumari, Brianna Lumtin, Jennifer McDonald. Dayna Moore, Jasmine Neal, Chloe Neilly, Megan O’Connor, Sarah Richter, Layla Rizk, Melanie Ruse, Ashleigh Ryan, Samantha Santiago, Chloe Sheridan, Emily Smith, Emma Steltenpool, Kristy Tebbutt, Alana Thomas, Sarah Toan, Ria Varghese, Hannah Vella and Michelle Xerri.

We were again honoured to have a number of students’ art works selected and exhibited in the prestigious ARTEXPRESS. Congratulations to Kayla Galea, Cara Pemble, Brooke Tavares and Kristy Tebbutt whose work will be exhibited in a number of galleries over the coming months. Congratulations also to the students who were nominated for ARTEXPRESS, OnStage and Callback for Visual Arts, Drama and Dance respectively.

Collectively the Year 12 students did extremely well:

  • 100% of our students achieved a Band 4,5 or 6 in the following range of subjects: Business Services, Design and Technology, Drama, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Entertainment, Human Services, Mathematics Extension 1, Music, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Physics, Primary Industries, Society and Culture, Studies of Religion 2 and Visual Arts.
  • More than 90% achieved a band 4, 5 or 6 in English Advanced, Food Technology, Legal Studies, Modern History and Studies of Religion 1.
  • More than 80% achieved a band 4, 5 or 6 in Ancient History, Biology, Community and Family Studies, Mathematics 2 Unit and Textiles.
  • A total of 66 Band 6 results were achieved along with 303 Band 5s across a range of subjects.

Caroline Chisholm College is committed to providing the girls in our community with an authentic, challenging and supportive learning environment, where our students are taught to become critical thinkers and confident citizens who willingly apply feedback to maximise their learning potential in modern, safe and supportive surroundings.