Online Courses

Online learning is one form of distance education that is experiencing tremendous growth as a result of increased use of personal computers, availability of high speed internet access and lower technology costs. It is in widespread use in higher educational institutions, reaching more students who otherwise may not be able to attend traditional classroom based courses.

It is a form of teaching and learning that uses computer based internet technologies where students, regardless of location, have access to staff and services. The technology provides a gateway for instruction, communication and the provision of links to other educational resources to enhance the learning experience.


How does it operate?

The Diocese of Lismore Distance Education, through an internet presence, the provision of an online teacher, a school mentor and supplementary materials is able to provide a means of delivering course content to students regardless of their location. Students have a set time each week with the teacher and fellow students ‘online’. Students follow up these lessons by completing set work in their own time. Ongoing feedback is provided by the distance education teacher who is available to online provide assistance on a regular basis.


Please speak to Mr Casni if you wish to study a course online.


Supporting Materials

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