02 Professional Learning

Professional Learning - Teachers, working in small groups, will use data and research to develop best practice.

Ongoing professional learning for teachers is essential to the other four transformations.

The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) acknowledges that the teacher’s role is critical in assuring quality learning for students. Teachers at Caroline Chisholm College are driven to continuously reflect on and improve their practice, and to engage in this work as part of a team. As a college, we use peer coaching as a tool to support each other to achieve our own professional learning goals. This is based on the framework provided by Growth Coaching International – one of our partners.

In groups of three, teachers set SMART goals about their own practice in improving students’ learning, and refine these goals with their peer coaches. They then gather and share feedback and evidence to make judgements about ‘where to next?’ in their own learning.  This often involves visiting each other’s classrooms, peer teaching and observation.  This cycle is aligned with the AISTL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. The coaching model ensures this work happens collaboratively, and that our team can value and celebrate the strengths and expertise of the college staff.

Performance and Development Culture