Athletics Carnival 2017


2017 CCC Athletics Carnival Age Champions

12 years

1st: Herberta Williams

2nd: Alicia Langford

3rd: Lauren Preston


13 years

1st: Ashleigh Gill

2nd: Taylah Hufton

3rd: Chloe Mathias


14 years

1st: Mia Gleeson

2nd: Amber Love

3rd: Kailah Stapleton


15 years

1st: Nevine Idris

2nd: Tahlia Faint

3rd: Ruby Lowe


16 years

1st: Ashleigh Macerola

2nd: Hannah McCrorie & Ebene Montgomery

3rd: Alisha Ford


17 years +

1st: Georgia Wood

2nd: Madeline Haydon

3rd: Abbey Tricot


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Athletics Carnival 2017