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This College has a strong commitment to the maintenance of high standards

How a student wears her uniform gives a clear message about how she sees herself and her College and impacts on the way the college is viewed from the public's perspective.

As members of this community all students are expected to wear this uniform with pride and to groom themselves appropriately. Proper wearing of the college uniform is a strong expectation of the college community which parents and students agree to on enrolling at the college. If there is ever a valid reason for a student not being in full uniform, that must be communicated to the relevant Year Leader in writing by the parent or carer.


Parents are asked to support the College in the maintenance of high uniform standards and to ensure that their daughters meet all uniform expectations.


  • College Skirt (bottom of knee or longer)
  • College Junior White Blouse
  • College Junior Jumper (optional)
  • College Junior Jacket (compulsory - must be worn to and from school in Terms 2 and 3)
  • Stockings – Navy (compulsory Terms 2 & 3)
  • Socks – official school socks


  • Chains: One only – silver or gold, plain with small silver or gold cross or student name
  • Earrings: Up to two pairs of small plain studs OR small hoops. No other facial jewellery, including clear plastic studs
  • Make up: None allowed
  • Nail polish: No nail polish allowed. May have French manicure but only clear or white tips. No nail art.
  • Rings: Two signet rings or other narrow rings
  • Wrist: One narrow gold or silver bracelet (not a charm bracelet), small watch


  • College Skirt (bottom of knee or longer)
  • College Senior Blouse
  • College Senior Jumper (optional)
  • College Senior Jacket (compulsory - must be worn to and from school in Terms 2 and 3)
  • Stockings – Navy (compulsory Terms 2 & 3)
  • Socks – official school socks
  • The Year 12 commemorative cardigan may be worn, when it is available, in lieu of the senior jacket but not on formal occasions


  • Chains: One only – silver or gold, plain with small silver or gold cross or student name
  • Earrings: Two in each ear. Small studs, small hoops or drop earrings. No other facial jewellery, including clear plastic studs
  • Make up: Light make up, ('natural looking') including foundation and mascara
  • Nail polish: No dark or bright nail polish. French manicure, pale or clear. No nail art.
  • Rings: Two silver or gold narrow rings
  • Wrist: Up to two narrow gold or silver bracelets (not a charm bracelet), small watch

This is only to be worn to and from school on Wednesday. If full sport uniform is not available, normal uniform is to be worn. Students with PDPHE practical lessons on days other than Wednesday need to wear normal uniform to and from school and change for sport.

  • College Sports shorts
  • College Sports shirt
  • College tracksuit
  • Shoes designed for sport
  • Official school socks
  • The College jumper may be worn with the sports uniform for warmth
  • Blazers: Blazers must be worn to and from school each day in Terms 2 and 3 unless otherwise notified. On cooler days in Terms 1 and 4, the blazer is to be worn to and from school. Jumpers can only be worn to and from school under a blazer.
  • Bags: Caroline Chisholm College Bags (purchased through The School Locker). Graffiti and stickers must not be used to decorate bags (Compulsory for ALL years)
  • Hat: To be worn while in the sun (Compulsory for ALL years)
  • Body Piercing: None besides ears. This includes clear plastic studs in the nose or lip
  • Body Art: No visible body art permitted
  • Hair: Hair to be dyed in one natural colour only. No multiple shades. Hair clips in silver or gold. For Years 7-9 students with hair that is shoulder length or longer, it MUST be neatly tied back with a band or clip at all times. Ribbons, scrunchies, hair ties in navy, teal blue or white. Students in Years 10-12 must have bands to tie back hair in practical classes.
  • Scarf: Plain navy scarf only
  • Shoes: For WHS and uniform reasons, shoes:
    • must be black, lace-up, polishable and cover the top of the foot
    • must have heels or moulded soles (no flats) but of a reasonable height (no more than 3-4 cms)
    • must be lace-up, not slip-on
    • cannot be gym-style Converses or the like, even if they are black leather
    • Please note the following styles which are not acceptable:

  • Additional: Coloured or black clothing is not to be worn under shirts. Only white undershirts are permitted and they are not to be visible below the college shirt. White skivvies can be worn in winter but only when a jumper or jacket is worn.
  • White skivvy or long sleeve T-shirt: To provide extra warmth, students should wear their jacket first then add a jumper if needed. A white skivvy or long-sleeve T-shirt may only be worn under the blouse, jumper and jacket if needed.

As all students are expected to wear full correct school uniform every day, parents are asked to write a note at any time their daughter does not satisfy requirements. It would be expected that this would be an extremely rare occurrence and would not exceed one day.

On Wednesday, if a student is not able to wear the complete correct sports uniform, she should wear the normal school uniform to school and bring other clothing to wear during sport.

The following guidelines are to be adhered to by students if they do not have to wear school uniform to a school activity or event. These would include activities such as social events (such as discos and dances), mufti days at school, camps and a few excursions. Some social events are completely optional for students to attend. If students are not prepared to abide by these guidelines, they should not attend the optional event, as they will be asked to go home or amend their dress. For a mufti day at school, school uniform is always an option and students should wear that rather than wear clothing which breaches these guidelines.

These guidelines reflect that fact that some items of clothing considered appropriate for social wear by some students and parents are not necessarily appropriate for a school event.

Some details of non-uniform clothing will vary according to the type of activity. Students will be advised where this is the case. In the absence of specific information from the teacher responsible for the activity, the following guidelines will apply:

Our general expectation is that all clothing (including dresses, shorts and tops), accessories (such as jewellery) and footwear should be modest, safe and appropriate to the activity or event.

The following guidelines provide some guidance but are not an exhaustive checklist:\

  • Shorts for social activities (discos, mufti days) must be at least as long as the college sports shorts.
  • Skirts should also be at least as long as the college sports shorts.
  • Skirts shorter than this can only be worn with leggings or opaque stockings.
  • Shirts and dresses without sleeves must have wide straps of at least 5 cm covering the shoulder and must not leave areas on the side or lower back exposed.
  • Tops are not to be strapless or backless.
  • Backs and chests are to be modestly covered.
  • Midriff tops or tops exposing the stomach area are not to be worn.
  • No undergarments are to be visible or exposed.
  • College requirements regarding jewellery and piercings still apply.
  • Clothing is not to have inappropriate slogans or images.
  • Students are not to wear thongs or have their feet uncovered. This is a safety requirement for both discos and mufti days at school.
  • Students are not to wear heels that are too high or pointed. This is particularly for discos as high heels damage the floor of the venue.

Most importantly, if a student has any doubt about the suitability or appropriateness of clothing for an activity, it is her responsibility to check with an organising teacher prior to the event. The college reserves the right to make the final decision about the suitability of an item of clothing at the event or function, so students are advised not to take a chance if they think their clothing may not comply with the guidelines.

Students will not be allowed to attend or take part in a non-uniform activity or event if they are inappropriately dressed. They will be asked to change their clothing or go home. If they cannot go straight home, they will sit in a place where they will not be able to take part in the activity.