Our Values

The person of Jesus Christ is at the centre of all we do and strive to achieve at Caroline Chisholm College.

Caroline Chisholm recognised that God had given her gifts that she should use for the benefit of other. This was her 'charism'.

On the Easter Sunday, I was enabled, at the altar of our Lord, to make an offering of my talents to the God who gave them. I promised to know neither country or creed, but to try and serve all justly and impartially... (Chisholm, 1852, 4, Female Immigration)

Caroline Chisholm was a model for living a lay Christian life. She advocated for and strove to improve the lives of the marginalised people of her time (Matthew 25:35-40), especially showing God’s love for new emigrants, women and families (Matthew 7:12). She challenged existing social norms through advocacy and she led social reform (Matthew 5:1-17).

Her unique combination of gifts is encapsulated in the values of  faith, courage, tolerance, dignity, compassion and justice. She lived these six values through service: so our scriptural mandate is lived here at the college through service. We, the Caroline Chisholm College community,  are called to be Jesus’ “disciples” and serve God by “loving one another” (John 13: 34-35)

Caroline Chisholm was an ordinary woman who led an extraordinary life. The Caroline Chisholm charism is the lens through which these values are enlivened in our relationships, in our teaching, in our welcome of all and through Caroline’s Footsteps, our social justice program.


Our Mission

Caroline Chisholm College is a community committed to providing young women with a quality Catholic education which promotes a passion for learning, develops skills for living and inspires an ongoing search for meaning.

These young women will be confident, compassionate and independent, and their lives will be marked by a Christian faith which is integrated and deeply spiritual, a courage which transforms our society and renews our church and a tolerance which accepts difference and values justice.