Principal's Message

Welcome to Caroline Chisholm College

I am delighted to share some of what makes this College special, and I encourage you to find out more about how our school could support your daughter's growth, learning and wellbeing. 

I am very excited to be leading this vibrant learning community where student voice and agency are critical to shaping a collaborative learning community. At every step of the Chisholm journey, we will always invite students, staff and parents to engage with us and form positive relationships to ensure your daughter’s learning and wellbeing needs are always at the forefront for our highly committed and dedicated staff. Our culture is warm and welcoming, placing your child at the heart of all learning both curricular and extra- curricular, such as music, dance or the arts. Personnalised tours are always welcomed at the college, where we have so much to see and friendly students who are willing to chat and share their positive experiences with you.

It is our hope that as a young woman graduating from Caroline Chisholm College, students will be very well prepared for the challenging and complex contemporary world in which they live. The young women of Chisholm graduate knowing themselves and their capabilities, are filled with confidence and enthusiasm to embrace lifelong learning opportunities and rich opportunities to become faith filled to make a difference in the world. Our College values guide everything we do, and are built on the example of service given to us by Caroline Chisholm - The Emigrant's Friend. These values are faith, courage, tolerance, compassion, dignity and justice. The everyday experience of learning is rich and diverse, providing a vast range of opportunities to foster generosity of spirit and kindness to others in modelling our Gospel values and making our world a better place for all.

The college has rightly celebrated outstanding results in NAPLAN and HSC results over many years through a long tradition of understanding girls as learners and how to engage and enhance their potential. As well as this we offer multiple pathways of learning in Stage 6 for girls who wish to complete a Diploma Pathway which will allow them to commence a similar university course as a second year student. We currently have students who are completing Diploma Pathways in Community Services, Legal Studies and Business Services. These students are well supported by our Pathways Manager and Pathways Coaches to ensure they succeed at every step of their exciting journey 

We are also very proud that the vast majority of our graduates go on to pursue further study at universities locally in Australia and abroad. In 2021, the majority of our HSC students received early university entry offers allowing them to approach their HSC exams with far less pressure and increasing their likelihood of success at this critical time in their lives.

At Caroline Chisholm, we provide appropriate challenging learning for learners of all abilities and encourage them to inquiry deeply, think critically, problem solve and innovate across all KLAs and Stages of learning Year 7-12. As a college,we value the ongoing growth of students in their learning and encourage our students to take responsibility for managing their learning progress by providing support and ongoing feedback. Our learning is designed to meet the needs of 21st Century learners who need to be able to work well in teams, collaborate with others, communicate effectively and use a design thinking approach to solving problems. All of these skills and capabilities are highly valued in contemporary work settings and prepare your daughters for the reality of the future of work that demands agility and adaptability.

We are a Catholic girls' school in the greater Penrith region with a growing reputation for quality learning and positive relationships. This means that we are a place of hope, nourished by Jesus' message of love, and focused entirely on the educational needs of girls. That makes Caroline Chisholm College a place where your daughter can grow, be challenged to aspire and accomplish her dreams for a bright and exciting future ahead.

I extend to you my invitation to discover more about what it means to be a 'Chisholm Girl' and joining our ‘Sisterhood’ where we care for each other and strive high towards personal excellence.

Ms Tania Cairns
Principal Leader  

Tania Cairns