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Why choose girls' education?

Choosing a high school for your daughter is a difficult thing, and everyone seems to have an opinion about the best school for her.

Making the choice of secondary school for your daughter is a very important decision about your child’s future happiness and success.

Caroline Chisholm College is a Catholic secondary girls’ school where Catholic faith lights the way as we guide your child’s learning journey.

Girls from single-sex schools perform, on average, better than students from co-ed schools in NAPLAN and the HSC. Research indicates that girls consistently feel more confident and empowered as learners in an all girls learning environment and have the opportunity to excel in their own right as young women. At the college, we have outstanding female role models as educators, mentors, coaches and Student Leaders. This research is far reaching globally and I invite you to explore this and other such articles that identify exactly why girls perform better and develop greater self efficacy in an all girls school context.

Click here to read a Research article on 'All Girls Education and school performance'

The college has enjoyed almost 50 Years of education and has a growing reputation for a place of personal growth in the Caroline Chisholm values of faith, tolerance and courage, as the key values that are interwoven in the learning and spiritual life of the college community.

As a learning community, we have gained some valuable insights about the gift of an all-girls education in terms of the benefits in their performance and positive outcomes through empowerment, learning to work independently and the skills of contemporary learning that enable the Chisholm girls to be fully prepared for the future of work.

At Caroline Chisholm College, girls take centre stage in all of their learning and our teachers have developed expertise in meeting the diverse needs of female students, a place where students can discover how extraordinary they can be in a safe and supportive environment. Our aim is to equip students with the skills to be lifelong learners who are brave and resilient enough to undertake any challenge they are faced with today and in their future lives post school.

Give your daughter the chance to become self confident, motivated, demonstrate team skills capability, problem solve, communicate and innovate. It is these qualities, in conjunction with the Chisholm values, that make the choice for your daughter one that is right for her wellbeing, learning and spiritual growth. Chisholm will allow your daughter to connect with peers and teachers in positive relationships, continue to grow and be challenged as a learner and flourish with her wellbeing and learning success.

I look forward to meeting your daughter and working in partnership with you to ensure your daughter is nurtured, well supported and achieves beyond expectations as she aspires to be all she can be!

Give your daughter the best opportunity to develop academically, spiritually and socially.




The best quality education for girls

Our approach to learning is student-centred and focused on ‘learning how to learn’. Our educational program provides the tools, capabilities and values to allow our students to flourish, and positions Caroline Chisholm College as a leader in the field of education. We provide a flexible and diverse curriculum where learning experiences are age responsive and progressively self-directed and personalised.

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Dedicated Educators

Like you, we understand that great teachers make a real difference in a child’s life. That’s why our students are supported by professional, dedicated, caring and committed teaching staff that regularly undertake professional learning that assists in developing innovative teaching practices. We ensure they are skilled up to support and improve learning outcomes for each and every student, every day!

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Preparing young women for the future

As we live in a changing world, our college must adapt and respond in ways that remain true to our mission, while also giving the students in our care every opportunity to grow and thrive. The teachers at Caroline Chisholm College will continue to explore the very best ways of making learning meaningful and powerful for our students. These young women will be confident, compassionate and independent, and their lives will be marked by a Christian faith which is integrated and deeply spiritual, a courage which transforms our society and renews our church and a tolerance which accepts difference and values justice.

The five elements of our transformation agenda include pedagogy, professional learning, pathways, partnerships, and places and spaces.

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A Catholic Education

All students at Caroline Chisholm College are challenged to live a life for others through service. Our religious education program allows students the opportunity to explore the important themes and ideas of a religious response to life, through a Christian lens. Our mission as a Catholic school is to draw students into a deeper relationship with God. The most powerful way that this occurs is through prayer, liturgy and retreat experiences.

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Making a difference to the world

The person of Jesus Christ is at the centre of all we do and strive to achieve at Caroline Chisholm College. Caroline Chisholm was an ordinary woman who led an extraordinary life. She recognised that God had given her gifts that she should use for the benefit of others. This was her 'charism'. The Caroline Chisholm charism is the lens through which these values are enlivened in our relationships, in our teaching, in our welcome of all and through Caroline’s Footsteps, our social justice program. We provide many opportunities for our students to put this faith into action.

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Enriching each student

At Caroline Chisholm College students are offered opportunities to extend themselves both within and outside formal classes as appropriate to their needs. With a dedicated enrichment teacher and learning support team we are able to support all students of varied abilities. Gifted students are invited to negotiate with the teacher to co-construct projects and learning experiences which will benefit them.

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Supporting your daughter's learning

Students who may at times find learning at school difficult are assisted by the Learning Support Team. The team works with classroom teachers to provide a variety of assistance to suit the child’s needs that may include personal plans, teachers-assistants, remedial programs, special exam provisions and specialist service support such as educational psychologists, speech pathologists, itinerant teachers, and transition liaison officers.

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Creating student leaders

Our leadership program empowers students at the College to be the best they can be by bringing all students, particularly those on the fringes of our community, deeper into the heart of the College. We pride ourselves on enthusiasm and school spirit, and create lasting bonds between the students while promoting teamwork within the community.

Our Student Representative Council encourage both students and teachers to get involved in the many initiatives offered within our local community as well as on an international level. Our student leaders also ignite school spirit through the friendly rivalry of our colour houses.

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Career guidance

If we can all help our young people find their ‘passion’ and ‘purpose’, the rest will fall into place, and being confident young women they will find their fit in study, work and life.

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