Service Program

At Caroline Chisholm, we derive our charism from the actions and words of our patron, Caroline Chisholm. It is a charism based on service.

We take as our guiding scripture, chapter 25 of the gospel of Matthew where Jesus in a parable explains our Christian responsibility to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty and welcome the stranger.

We provide many opportunities for our students to put their faith into action. All of these opportunities come under the title of Caroline’s Footsteps, the name we give to our social justice program. As well as providing practical aid to these initiatives through fund-raising, we have a strong educational focus, sharing the stories of the groups we support with our students.

At different levels, it involves the whole school contributing to Caritas projects during Lent and each of the six year groups having an ongoing commitment to a charitable cause.

There are also numerous opportunities for students to make personal commitments to those less fortunate through such areas as:

  • working for the Nepean Food Services
  • collecting money and goods for the St Vincent de Paul Society and other organisations
  • feeding the lonely and homeless through the Vinnie’s Food Van and
  • knitting squares for blankets for people in need for Wrap with Love.