Mobile Phone Expectations



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Mobile phones and earbuds are not permitted to be used during class time unless instructed by the classroom teacher for the purpose of learning. Students that have medical passes may still use their mobile phone for medical purposes.

Mobile Phone Use

  • Enabling prompt by all teachers at the start of the lesson that all phones are to remain in the students bag.

  • Should a student be using their phone for any reason, the student will be requested by the teacher to take their phone to student services, where their phone will be held securely for the duration of the day.

  • Following this, a warning will be recorded in the Compass portal by a student service support staff member. Both student and parent will receive a notification of this warning. Please recognise this is a learning process and we would hope that we are teaching self regulation and responsibility around appropriate mobile phone use.

  • The student (owner of the mobile phone) is responsible for leaving the phone at student services as well as collecting their phone at the end of the school day.

  • We fully appreciate your need to remain connected with your daughter during the school day, however it is equally important for them to engage fully in their learning.

  • Should you need to make contact with your daughter this should occur through the front office 47375500 and we ask that you follow this procedure.