"Learn+ not only taught me that learning in the 'real world' was vastly different to learning in school by setting me up with practical skills like problem-solving and critical thinking, it also prepared me for the self-paced style of university and made adapting to a contrastingly rigorous yet relaxed style of learning much easier for me than for some of my peers." Ffion Ankers, Learn+ graduate, Class of 2021

The College currently offers diplomas delivered by Southern Cross University, the Australian Training Company (ATC) and Mind Challenge. We are continuously looking to develop partnerships with other providers, including the possibility of other universities.

Learn Plus (Learn+) provides a blend of traditional curriculum in English, Mathematics, Religious Education and a passion subject, for example Visual Arts, Dance or History, and an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) recognised diploma credential from a range of exciting fields and emerging industries. Caroline Chisholm College students will be able to tailor their learning to their passions and develop skills and experience under the guidance of our Learn+ Coach, pathways coaches, our partner RTOs and universities and our industry partners.

The program title Learn+ indicates that students will be engaged in a learning program at Caroline Chisholm College PLUS they will achieve industry relevant qualifications for university or work via our diploma programs.

Students considering a Learn+ pathway for their Year 11 and 12 learning must move through a series of pre-qualification processes to ensure that Learn+ is the most appropriate learning pathway for each student. The commitment to this alternative to the HSC is for two years. If a student decides to leave the Learn+ program and return to the HSC, they will effectively have to begin the Year 11 subjects in the following year with a new cohort. We recommend avoiding this course of action.

The conversations and coaching about Learn+ will begin early in Year 10, so that students and their families have a clear idea of what will be involved and of the aptitudes and habits that will best prepare the student for success. The parents will be invited to a conversation to consider program suitability in comparison to the HSC learning pathway. The College Assistant Principal or Leader of Curriculum would be an integral part of the team based approach in discerning whether this is the best pathway for your daughter.

It is expected that students have exemplary attendance and as such, they are expected to be in attendance every day to ensure they are setting themselves up for success and are able to be supported appropriately by the teachers, coaches and college leadership team. They will attend homeroom and have their name marked on the roll. They will participate in the Catholic life of the College and have opportunities to be involved with other extracurricular experiences. They will have the same lesson times and same expectations for learning and behaviour.

At other times, they will be working on their diploma coursework. Our Diploma Coach, Mr MacNamara will be on hand to support their learning, coach them towards their goals and communicate with their trainers, their mentors and their parents about their progress and their challenges. The students’ diploma work will be delivered online and on Zoom.

During school holidays, Learn+ students may be required to undertake several days of more intensive learning with our training partner or university. This could involve some days at school, at university, or days in a work setting.

In terms of assessment requirements, students will engage in written and skills-based tasks to demonstrate that they have achieved the requirements of the course. These will be regular and ongoing. They will also sit school-based assessments and exams in English, Maths, RE and their passion subject with the rest of their cohort. This delivery model is called ‘Blended Learning’.

Of course, there is a financial cost to the ACQ level 5 qualification and this will have to be paid IN ADDITION to regular College school fees. Caroline Chisholm has partnered with universities and private colleges to deliver the diploma programs. The course fees that are charged by the university or private college can be paid for via HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP student loans that do not need to be paid off until the young person earns the minimum repayment income threshold which is currently $48,361. The fees will vary according to course.

Students choosing the Learn+ Diploma Pathway DO NOT receive the NESA award of the HSC and this is a NON-ATAR pathway. 

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